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Empty Rooms
Closing doors and words unspoken
I don’t remember enough of you
I can’t hear your voice.

Marble, steel and glass
Memories blur and edges darken
I don't remember enough of you
I can't hear your voice
Images don't come through
Buried inside my head

We build these rooms inside our heads
We build them, and never live in them
Mausoleum walls
Not talking, just empty echoing

Can you hear the echoes?

So many times we talked and talked
And I knew that you would answer me
In empty rooms, the echoes are all that answer me
Alive or dead here, it’s all the same here

Can you hear the echoes?


from BLOOD​:​:​MUSCLES​:​:​BONES, released June 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Street Eaters Berkeley, California

Truewave//Punk band from the bay area


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